Marashi's definition of Armenian sweets

Eastern sweets with the taste of Western Armenia.

About us

Marashi presents a large and unique selection of oriental sweets.
Marashi was created to change all accepted ideas and tell that oriental sweets are characteristic of Armenians and Armenia.

​With every bite of its sweets, it also hints at our rich past and recipes inspired by history.
The portions of sweets are small and designed to enjoy every piece at once. Bakhlava, sarma, bokhcha... all our pastries melt in your mouth and make you want to enjoy another piece. The unity of sweet and crunchy flavours, the delicacy of the dough, and the oriental notes will attract you from the first seconds.
In short, Eastern sweets with the taste of Western Armenia...

The 3 secret ingredients

Marashi sweets have 3 secret ingredients that shape the taste of each product.
3 different fillings, 3 unique flavours:

⦁ pistachio
⦁ walnuts
⦁ cashew nuts

With their crunchy and satisfying taste, they give unique shades to our pastries.
Shira is added to all of our products and adds a big dose of natural sweetness to every bite. We create the limits of sweetness and the infinity of tastiness.
Dough is the "heart" of Marashi sweets. Intertwining one part with another, we give the dough all sorts of shapes and create a basis for blending oriental notes.

Why Marashi?

In one box

  • Quality
    Marashi uses only the highest quality ingredients.

    One bite and you will feel the taste of all the ingredients and enjoy the subtle combinations.
  • Taste
    Each ingredient that makes up Marashi's sweet pieces adds a special touch and creates an overall picture of flavour harmony.
  • History
    History, traditions, and nostalgic signature...

    Marashi also hints at our rich past and history-inspired recipes with every bite of her sweets.

Marash is one of the settlements of Cilicia Armenia, famous for its famous embroidery.

Embroidery is about drawing on cloth and weaving threads together to create a fabric, each a reflection of culture and history. This philosophy is what inspired Marash pastry. After all, when making sweets, we choose the ingredients, determine the shape and interweave each other, giving birth to a taste whose secrets have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

Marashi embroidery required meticulous and patient work, just like the process of making Marashi pastries now.
Threads were carefully woven together to create masterpieces that are still talked about today.

Inspired by these traditions, we weave ingredients and create flavours that will impress you with their nuances.

Marashi - a place where the flavour of eastern sweets evokes memories of Western Armenian rituals.

You can sit in the Marashi shop and gently savour the flavours of eastern sweets, or you can buy and take your favourites home with you.

Each new piece is a newly discovered page in the history of sweets.
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